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Choose any of the options available to quickly perform an activity

GamePause 02.jpeg
  • CUSTOM/REAL: Choose real time or customize any setting
  • DATE: Tap on the date to change it
  • TIME: Move the slider to change it

GamePause 03.png
  • FUEL: Move the slider to change quantity
  • PASSENGERS: Move the slider to change quantity
  • CARGO: Move the slider to change quantity

Sets your current weather
GamePause 04.png
  • CUSTOM: move sliders to change weather settings
  • REAL: real weather conditions

All failures are global and apply to all airplanes.
GamePause 05.png
  • CUSTOM/RANDOM/OFF: Choose your failures, get surprised by random failures or switch them off
  • Move the failure list up/down to scroll it and see all available failures
  • Move the slider of each failure to set it at the desired frequency or move it all the way to the left to switch it off

GamePause 06.png
  • SENSITIVITY: Set your control sensitivity, the lower the sensitivity, the smoother the response of the airplane to your movements
  • INPUT TYPE: Choose your device accelerometer or a virtual joystick. Virtual joystick can be activated in any free part of the screen excluding the HUD area
  • INVERT VERTICAL AXIS: Switch to normal or inverted virtual joystick's vertical axis

Tap to calibrate and return to your flight

Return to your flight

EXIT- Leave the flight
GamePause 07.png
If you Exit you will have access to:
  • EXIT: Back to main menu
  • TRY AGAIN: Restart your flight
  • REWIND: Return to your flight as it was one minute before exiting/crashing
  • REPORT: End of flight report. Will also appear when switching engines off or after connecting PBB (Passenger Boarding Bridge) and switching engines off
  • REPLAY: Look at your replay