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RFS Release Note

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'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.8 - 2020-09-08'''<br/>
- New aircraft logo lights<br/>
- New dimmable internal/external cockpit light<br/>
- New dimmable external cabin light<br/>
- New multiplayer/AI aircraft logo/cockpit/cabin lights<br/>
- New co-pilot cameras<br/>
- New cockpit view shaking and noise based on speed and terrain<br/>
- New rattle noise on takeoff<br/>
- New engine sounds to multiplayer/AI aircraft<br/>
- New label "FAILURES ON" info below "TAP TO CALIBRATE"<br/>
- New night lighting system<br/><br/>
Bug fixes:<br/>
- Fixed LEMD buildings colliders<br/>
- Fixed FAOR taxiways<br/>
- Fixed VIDP apron<br/>
- Fixed new aircraft missing notification<br/>
- Fixed pax count not aligned after emergency and rewind<br/>
- Fixed glitch on multiplayer/AI aircraft with low settings<br/>
- Fixed click sound on multi-button<br/>
- Other bug fixes<br/><br/>
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.7 - 2020-08-25'''<br/>

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