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Choose any of the options available to quickly perform an activity

  • Custom/Real: Choose real time or customize with any setting
  • Date: Tap on the date to change it
  • Time: Move the slider to change it
GamePause 02.jpeg

  • Fuel: Move the slider to change quantity
  • Passengers: Move the slider to change quantity
  • Cargo: Move the slider to change quantity
GamePause 03.png

Sets your current weather
  • Custom: move sliders to change weather settings
  • Real: real weather conditions
GamePause 04.png

All failures are global and apply to all airplanes.
  • Custom/Random/Off: Choose your failures, get surprised by random failures or switch them off
  • Move the failure list up/down to scroll it and see all available failures
  • Move the slider of each failure to set it at the desired frequency or move it all the way to the left to switch it off
GamePause 05.png
Leave the flight: If you Exit you will have access to:
  • EXIT: Back to main menu
  • TRY AGAIN: Restart your flight
  • REWIND: Return to your flight as it was one minute ago
  • REPORT: End of flight report. Will also appear when switching engines off or after connecting PBB (Passenger Boarding Bridge) and engines switch off
  • REPLAY: Look at your replay
Tap to calibrate and return to your flight
Return to your flight