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Real Flight Simulator v.1.4.4 - 2021-10-19
- New ACU Ground Vehicle
You can now try out the brand new ACU (Air Conditioning Unit) ground vehicle, which joins the already numerous vehicles for even more accurate realism
- New PFD monitors
Fly with the all-new PFD (Primary Flight Display), a detail-accurate monitors for a unique flying experience
- New GMCS monitors
Check ground manoeuvres with the new GMCS (Ground Maneuvering Camera System) monitors, which allows you to watch every movement of your aircraft from the cockpit
- New GEAR camera
Use the new gear camera for a breathtaking view during your landings
- New external wipers animation
New windscreen wipers animation now visible from outside the aircraft
- New Airbus flaps logic
New logic for Airbus flaps, which now faithfully reflect those in reality
- Updated FUEL TRUCK animation
New animation of the refuelling truck with the addition of a flexible hose that attaches to the refuelling point
- New UI for fuel dump
New graphic interface for excess fuel discharge
- Updated fog weather settings
Now you can adjust fog intensity even in rain/snow/weather conditions