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Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.8 - 2021-08-04
- New rain effects on aircraft and interior views
Detailed effects of the rain on different internal cameras and on the overall aircraft
- New rain sounds SFX
Improved rain sound added to increase the immersive atmosphere that weather options can create
- New WIPER command
Command panel WIPER added to control the frontal wipers
- New MAP monitor
A more realistic and readable MAP monitor has replaced its previous version in the cockpit
- New animation for pilots using the throttle
New animation added, where the pilots actually handle the throttle in the cabin when its being changed
- New rain/snow management for external cameras
Rain and snow effects have been moved over external cameras, fixing previous graphical glitches of these effects
- Added airport vehicles in EXTERIOR INSPECTION
During an EXTERIOR INSPECTION, the 3D models of airport vehicles in service near the aircraft can be seen
- New search bar for REAL TIME FLIGHTS
Flights in real time can now be searched by aircraft type or flight ID, and selected on a real time world map
- Updated Turbofan start/stop sound
The start and shutdown sounds have been improved to be as close to the real sound as possible
- New slider volume for airport vehicles and services SFX
Airport vehicles and services sfx have been granted a dedicated slider to adjust this procedures audio levels.
- Updated cockpit instruments
Cockpit instruments have been improved to return a realistic and rewarding experience to the player