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Bug Fixes:
- Fix fake new liveries on aircraft rework
- Fix multiplayer debriefing error 1074 (flow updated)
- Fix disconnection popup background clickable
- Fix pax evacuation replay animation
- Minor fixes polar map
- Fix create livery concorde wing positioning
- Add background on upload popup
- Fix some aircraft title covered in 4:3 7"" device
- Fix EFT not aligned in game ui FMC/BottomInfo
- Fix B737/B small gear part not reflecting light
- Fix airplane underground on resume with terrain mode changed
- Fix WP hud not updated on atc command
- Fix ai airplanes replay disappear
- Fix rare SD airports terrain compenetration
- Fix sat terrain flicker at high altitude in certain points on some devices
- Fix Monitor UI interaction glitch on multi tap
- Calibrated S340 speed indicator
- Fix Concorde ground check
- Fix floating pilots in external view
- Fix fog at high altitude