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RFS Release Note iOS

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'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.8 - 2022-05-03'''<br />
- New aircraft BOEING B747-400F<br />
Another giant of the skies joins RFS. Get ready to fly Boeing's brand new Cargo aircraft and transport new cargo around the world.<br /><br />
Bug fixes:<br />
- Fixed application stability (latency/framerate drops)<br />
- Fixed VHHH aircraft crash on some aprons<br />
- Fixed LEMD aircraft crash on some aprons<br />
- Fixed hole in the cockpit of BOEING B737 series <br />
- Fixed CIRRUS SR22 wings details<br />
- Updated lights, now some lights can turn on even when aircraft power is only supplied by the batteries<br /><br />
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.7 - 2022-04-20'''<br />
- New battery management system<br />
Prepare the departure of your flight like a real pilot. Start the batteries to activate the main systems and make the first pre-flight checks.<br />
- New BATTERY monitors<br />
Take on the flight with our new battery monitors and keep an eye on the power supply to the main systems<br />
- Updated gate selection in Flight Plan<br />
You can now choose your arrival gate in your flight plan for an even more personalised flight.<br />
- New weather system in NAV monitor<br />
Now the NAV monitor works as in reality. Activate and deactivate the weather system to keep an eye on your route and the safety of your passengers<br />
- New wingflex technology effect on: AIRBUS A330-300, AIRBUS A340-200, AIRBUS A350-900, AIRBUS A380-800<br />
Enjoy the wingflex technology on new aircraft. Even more realism for a unique effect. More aircraft coming soon!<br />
- New store button<br />
Discover the other Rortos products on the market. You can access our games store at the touch of a button.<br /><br />
Bug fixes:<br />
- Fixed A380 reverse thrust animation<br />
- Fixed Cessna passengers cannot be loaded<br />
- Fixed some aircraft speed up on APP phase<br />
- Fixed chat background not aligned<br />
- Fixed Cessna lod glass<br />
- Improved Cirrus blurred fan<br />
- Fixed glitch on waypoint rendering order<br />
- Fixed Cirrus cockpit brake lever<br />
- Fixed BOEING F/A-18E SUPER HORNET flaps behaviour<br />
- Fixed BOEING F/A-18E SUPER HORNET mirror material<br />
- Fixed BAE SYSTEMS 146-300 spoilers animation<br />
- Fixed rare glitch on menu map<br />
- Fixed LFPG trees near to taxi<br />
- Updated Cirrus default monitor<br /><br />
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.6 - 2022-03-29'''<br />
- New aircraft CIRRUS SR22<br />
Fly in our brand new General Aviation aircraft, a modern and stylish four-seater for an even more immersive experience.<br /><br />
Bug fixes:<br />
- Fixed catering and cargo position on other players' aircraft in particular situations<br />
- Fixed Cessna C172 steering wheel glitch<br />
- Fixed B777-200 gear glitch<br />
- Fixed runway approach during landing to avoid collision with obstacles<br /><br />
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.5 - 2022-03-15'''<br />
- New FMC monitors<br />
Take on the flight with our new FMC monitors and keep an eye on your course, grades, distance, altitude and much more<br />
- New CATERING Ground Vehicle<br />
Now you will never be hungry again. Here comes the brand new Catering vehicle for a healthy and nutritious meal!<br />
- New wingflex technology effect on: BOEING 757-200F, BOEING 757-200WL, BOEING 767-300, BOEING 767-300F, BOMBARDIER CRJ900<br />
Enjoy the wingflex technology on new aircraft. Even more realism for a unique effect. More aircraft coming soon!<br />
- New Autopilot on CESSNA 172<br />
Take your hands off the joystick and finally enjoy a relaxing flight with the brand new and highly requested autopilot on the CESSNA 172<br />
- New dirty glass logic<br />
Time is known to touch everything. Older aircraft will have a more noticeable wear mark than newer models for an even more realistic effect<br /><br />
Bug fixes:<br />
- Updated autopilot descent ratio<br />
- Updated ATC radio contact, now it's not possible to contact a user that has no frequency available <br />
- Fixed airport SD not spawn in particular situations<br />
- Fixed airport SD/LD shifting during landing in particular situations <br />
- Fixed terrain problems at some longitude<br />
- Fixed finger state not aligned correctly in resume <br />
- Fixed Google Link error 1271<br />
- Fixed BOEING 747-8F Max Landing Weight<br /><br />
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.3 - 2022-02-23'''<br />
- New aircraft A310-300<br />
Fly the legendary and historic Airbus A310-300, which marked an epoch in civil aviation and became an aircraft often used in the military!<br /><br />
Bug fixes:<br />
- Updated color of the Map Taxi with day/night color<br />
- Updated B146 cruise altitude from 36000ft to 35000ft<br />
- Updated FP Bonus in multiplayer events. You will not get any extra points if you land after the event has ended.<br />
- Fixed missing dirty texture on cockpit glass<br />
- Fixed "Comms Button" visibility with UI hide feature enabled<br />
- Fixed Autopilot. Now AP is disabled if aircraft has not power<br />
- Fixed color of the Map Monitor when it's off<br />
- Fixed terrain glitches in some cockpits<br />
- Fixed checklist landing in engines monitor<br />
- Fixed MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-81 landing lights on wingflex<br /><br />
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.2 - 2022-02-08'''<br />

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