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Real Flight Simulator

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* CREATE LIVERY: Proceed to web page [ RFS Liveries] to download livery templates (needs graphical package supporting .psd file format). Tutorial video instructions:<br/>
<div id="RouteSelection">=== 1.2 Route Selection === </div><!--T:55-->
Zoom in or out by pinching the map, smaller airports appear by zooming in more.<br/>
Search for real flights and fly them.<br/>
Zoom in or out by pinching the map.<br/>
Search for a flight on an aircraft using the map search bar by tapping on an airplaneentering the aircraft type or flight ID.<br/>Check Click on any aircraft on the map to display the flight details in the info box in the bottom right cornerinformation.<br/>
* BACK: Back to main menu
<div id="2_Advanced_Flight_Planner" style="display:inline;"></div>
::* Choose ARRIVAL to set the STAR procedure (only HD airports)
::* Choose APPROACH to set the landing runway
::* Choose ADD LEG to add a new leg up to a maximum of 5
::* Choose REMOVE LEG to remove a leg
::* Tap on any leg to edit the flight plan for that leg
::* BACK: to ignore changes
::* CONFIRM: to set your flight plan
::* PASSENGERS: Move the slider to change quantity
::* CARGO: Move the slider to change quantity
:'''METAR - DEPARTURE''': Sets your departure weather::* CUSTOM: move sliders to change weather settings::* REAL: real weather conditions::* RANDOM: random weather conditions:'''METAR - ARRIVAL''': Sets your arrival weather
::* CUSTOM: move sliders to change weather settings
::* REAL: real weather conditions
Choose MY PROFILE to manage your stats and rank. Each complete flight with take off and landing will earn you Flight Points (FP).<br/>Choose VIRTUAL AIRLINE to manage your Virtual Airline.<br/>Choose an available server from the list and JOIN, then choose an airplane and CONFIRM.<br/>Join ATC (Beta) for playing as ATC or Pilot.<br/> <!--T:107-->Follow this link [ Basic functions of human-controlled ATC] for watching the tutorial.<br/><br/>
Tap on any airplane to see pilot details.
<div id="5_Other_Options" style="display:inline;"></div>
== 5 OTHER OPTIONS == <!--T:74-->
[[File:Other Options.png|700px|none|middle|thumb]]
:* INVERT VERTICAL AXIS: Switch to normal or inverted virtual joystick's vertical axis
Scroll the first option to choose the gender of your pilot and co-pilot. Scroll the second option to choose the face.
:* CUSTOMIZE: Allows you to apply a customized face to your pilot by uploading a .png or .jpg image.
:* VOICE: Allows you to change the voice of your copilot.
<div id="6_Log_Book" style="display:inline;"></div>
===5.3 LOGBOOK=== <!--T:81-->
; For each activity
||AIRCRAFT<br/>HD, Custom liveries, 3D cockpit,<br/>working parts, lights
||Saab 340<br/>Bombardier CRJ900<br/>Airbus A320-200
||All RFS airplanes +<br/>Embraer E190AIRBUS A321neo<br/>Cessna 172AIRBUS A330-300<br/>BAE Systems 146AIRBUS A340-200<br/>Airbus A330AIRBUS A350-300900<br/>Airbus A340AIRBUS A380-200800<br/>Airbus A350ATR 72-900600<br/>BAE SYSTEMS 146<br/>Airbus A380BOEING 737-800<br/>Boeing BOEING 737-800800BCF<br/>Boeing BOEING 747-200B<br/>Boeing BOEING 747-400<br/>BOEING 767-300<br/>Boeing BOEING 767-300F<br/>BOEING 777-300200<br/>Boeing BOEING 787-8 DreamlinerDREAMLINER<br/>CESSNA 172<br/>CONCORDE<br/>EMBRAER E190<br/>MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-11<br/>MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-11F<br/>TUPOLEV TU-154M<br/>… more coming soon
#[[#anchor18|CAMERA SETTINGS]]
:Available only when on ground.
:Tap to open/close the currently selected sub-menu.
:Keep the button pressed and move up/down to select a different sub-menu (SYSTEMS, LOAD, EMERGENCY, EXTERIOR INSPECTION).<br/>
:'''4.1 SYSTEMS'''
:[[File:RFS Manual Ground Systems.png|400px|none|middle|thumb]]
:'''GROUND POWER UNIT''' - External power supply. Available only when connected Tap once to the passenger boarding bridgeactivate/deactivate external power supply service.
:'''PASSENGER BOARDING BRIDGEACU''' - Available only when properly positioned at the gate. Activate it to board/disembark passengers.External Air Conditioning Unit
:'''PUSHBACK''' - Available only when stationary, activate it to be pushed back.
:'''4.2 LOAD'''
:[[File:RFS Manual Ground Systems Load.png|400px|none|middle|thumb]]
:'''PAX DOOR''' - Tap once to activate/deactivate passenger service. Tap on PAX and select desired quantity, release to start board/disembark.
:'''CARGO DOOR''' - Tap once to activate/deactivate cargo service. Tap on CARGO and select desired quantity, release to start load/unload.
:'''FUEL TRUCK''' - Tap once to activate/deactivate fuel service. Tap on FUEL and select desired quantity, release to start load/unload.
:All ground services are always available but passenger boarding bridge and vehicles are only available when your aircraft is properly positioned at the gate in HD airports.
:'''4.3 EMERGENCY'''
:[[File:RFS Manual Emergency.png|400px|none|middle|thumb]]
:'''EVACUATION SLIDE''' - Tap once to activate evacuation slide.
:'''AMBULANCE''' - Tap once to activate/deactivate medical emergency.
:'''FIREFIGHTING VEHICLE''' - Tap once to activate/deactivate fire emergency. Tap on EXTINGUISHER to deliver extinguishing agents.
Tap on EXTERIOR INSPECTION to open ground check inspection view.
Use virtual joysticks to inspect aircraft. Tap on EXTERIOR INSPECT. to open/close the checklist panel. Tap on EXIT to return to the aircraft.
Tap to open/close the checklist panel
:PREV - Go to previous checklist
:CLEAR - Delete current list
:NEXT - Go to next checklist
:CLOSE - Close the checklist
<br />
:Tap to open/close the currently selected sub-menu.
:Keep the button pressed and move up/down to select a different sub-menu (SYSTEMS, ENGINES, LIGHTS, FUEL), CHECKLIST).<br/>
:<div id="anchor5">'''5.1 SYSTEMS'''</div>
:'''ICE''' - switch deicing on/off
:'''NAV LIGHTSSEAT BELTS''' - switch navigation lights on/off::'''BEACON LIGHTS''' - switch beacon lights seat belts advise on/off
:'''LANDING LIGHTSNO SMOKING''' - switch landing lights no smoking advise on/off
:'''STROBE LIGHTSWIPERS''' - switch strobe lights onwipers ON/offOFF
:For each engine:
:'''FIRE'''- Tap once to activate, tap again when ready to use extinguisher, will deactivate automatically after a few seconds if not used.
:'''ENG x N1 xx%''' - Tap once to start up the engine, ready when green; tap again to switch it off. Displays N1 (Low pressure compressor rotational speed) for each engine.
:'''5.3 LIGHTS''':[[File:LIGHTS.png|400px|none|middle|thumb]]::'''COCKPIT LIGHTS''' - keep the button pressed and move up/down to set cockpit lights::'''NAV LIGHTS''' - switch navigation lights on/off::'''LANDING LIGHTS''' - switch landing lights on/off::'''TAXI LIGHTS''' - switch taxi lights on/off::'''CABIN LIGHTS''' - keep the button pressed and move up/down to set cabin lights::'''BEACON LIGHTS''' - switch beacon lights on/off::'''STROBE LIGHTS''' - switch strobe lights on/off::'''LOGO LIGHTS''' - switch logo lights on/off:<br/>:'''5.4 FUEL'''
:'''FUEL''' - Move left/right to move fuel from one tank to the other
:'''5.5 CHECKLIST'''
:Tap to open/close the checklist panel
:'''PREV''' - Go to previous checklist
:'''CLEAR''' - Delete current list
:'''NEXT''' - Go to next checklist
:'''CLOSE''' - Close the checklist
<div id="anchor6">'''6. FLAPS'''</div>
'''FMC'''- Flight Management Computer: Open/close FMC panel.<br/>
'''CENTER'''- Center the map view on your airplane.<br/>
Once a waypoint has been selected, press:<br/>
"'''+'''" to add a new waypoint to your flight plan. It will be automatically added below the selected waypoint on the flight plan. If you have not selected anything from the flight plan, this waypoint will be added to the bottom of the list.<br/>
"'''Đ'''" (Direct to) icon to delete the entire flight plan and go directly to the selected waypoint.<br/><br/>
:- EMERGENCY/URGENCY: to report current situation.<br/>
:'''16.2 PASSENGERS ANNOUNCEMENTS'''<br/>:[[File:RFS Manual PAX.png|400px|none|middle|thumb]]:'''PAX ANNOUNC.''' will allow you to manage communications of the pilot and crew to your passengers.<br/>::'''PILOT''' – All pilot related communications.<br/>:'''CREW''' - All crew related communications.<br/>:<br/> <!--T:106-->:'''16.3 IN FLIGHT CHAT'''<br/>
: <gallery widths="400px" heights="203px" perrow="2">
: File:RFS Manual COMMS CHAT MAIN.png|MAIN CHAT the same chat as the one in the main menu available to all players. Tap on the top left button to change language.
<div id="anchor18">'''18. CAMERA SETTINGS'''</div>
If enabled, tap to open camera settings
For cockpit cameras:
Press and drag on the buttons:<br/>
'''VERT.''' To adjust camera position<br/>
'''ANGLE''' To adjust the camera angle<br/>
Press '''RESET''' to reset the position<br/>
Press on monitor name to cycle between monitors<br/>
Press and hold on individual monitor name for one second and move up/down/right/left to select monitor.<br/>
If the monitor supports it, you can access its custom settings.<br/>
'''NAV''' and '''WEATHER''' have '''RANGE''' functionality to change zoom level
<div id="12_Aircraft" style="display:inline;"></div>
==9 AIRCRAFT AND LIVERIES== <!--T:102-->

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