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Real Flight Simulator v.1.4.3 - 2021-10-02
- New aircraft Beluga XL
Fly with the newest giant in the sky. One of the largest cargo planes in the Airbus family is now available!
- Major rework on cockpit A330-300
Major rework for the Airbus 330-300 with an even more realistic cockpit
- New aircraft cargo vehicle. Available only for the Beluga XL.
You can try out the brand new cargo vehicle now. Adapted to the size of the new plane, it allows you to load a very special cargo!
- New cameras Cargo Hold and Cargo Side. Available only for the Beluga XL.
Check the cargo as it is put into the hold. Now, thanks to the new cameras, you can take a closer look at the loading procedures of the brand new Beluga XL.