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'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.8 - 2021-08-04'''<br />
'''Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.8 - 2021-08-04'''<br />
- New rain effects on aircraft and interior views<br />
- New rain effects on aircraft and interior view<br />
Detailed effects of the rain on different internal cameras and on the overall aircraft<br />
Detailed effects of the rain on different internal cameras and on the overall aircraft<br />
- New rain sounds SFX<br />
- New rain sounds SFX<br />

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Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.8 - 2021-08-04
- New rain effects on aircraft and interior view
Detailed effects of the rain on different internal cameras and on the overall aircraft
- New rain sounds SFX
Improved rain sound added to increase the immersive atmosphere that weather options can create
- New WIPER command
Command panel WIPER added to control the frontal wipers
- New MAP monitor
A more realistic and readable MAP monitor has replaced its previous version in the cockpit
- New animation for pilots using the throttle
New animation added, where the pilots actually handle the throttle in the cabin when its being changed
- New rain/snow management for external cameras
Rain and snow effects have been moved over external cameras, fixing previous graphical glitches of these effects
- Added airport vehicles in EXTERIOR INSPECTION
During an EXTERIOR INSPECTION, the 3D models of airport vehicles in service near the aircraft can be seen
- New search bar for REAL TIME FLIGHTS
Flights in real time can now be searched by aircraft type or flight ID, and selected on a real time world map
- Updated Turbofan start/stop sound
The start and shutdown sounds have been improved to be as close to the real sound as possible
- New slider volume for airport vehicles and services SFX
Airport vehicles and services sfx have been granted a dedicated slider to adjust this procedures audio levels.
- Updated cockpit instruments
Cockpit instruments have been improved to return a realistic and rewarding experience to the player

Bug fixes:
- Fix pan, zoom and distance of the free camera
- Fix A380-800 maximum landing gear operating speed
- Fix A319ceo cockpit light from external view
- Cockpit Instrument Rework (A220-300, A330-300, A340-200, A380-800, B737 MAX B, B757-200WL, B757-200F, BAE SYSTEMS 146-300)
- Fix aircraft interior view state not saved at restart
- Fix B747-8F, removed passenger camera, update fuel capacity
- Fix sometimes cargo door is open in replay
- Fix flaps animation glitch
- Fix SAAB 340B glass instrument

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.7 - 2021-07-14
- New Aircraft B747-8F
- New dedicated apron for oversized cargo aircraft

Bug fixes:
- ATC frequency fixes
- Fix ATC UI glitch
- Fix pause audio panel positioning
- Fix white clouds
- Fix autopilot procedure speed for heavy airplanes
- Fix Cessna OMDB start camera animation
- Fix some UI positioning
- Fix replay gear bug
- Fix sometimes F18 front gear vibrations in replay

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.6 - 2021-06-29
- New Free camera
- New Master Caution Panel
- New turbo prop start/shutdown engine sound
- Paused replay cameras can be moved
- Adjustable cameras reset with double tap
- All cockpit instruments fixed/updated

Bug fixes:
- B747I camera position update
- Fix YBBN gear collapse
- Fix Metar parsing
- Fix replay cockpit camera movement
- Now Landing Gear broken trigger alarm

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.5 - 2021-06-17
- New Aircraft B747-8I
- Major rework on B787-8

Bug Fixes:
- Fix fake new liveries on aircraft rework
- Fix multiplayer debriefing error 1074 (flow updated)
- Fix disconnection popup background clickable
- Fix pax evacuation replay animation
- Minor fixes polar map
- Fix create livery concorde wing positioning
- Add background on upload popup
- Fix some aircraft title covered in 4:3 7"" device
- Fix EFT not aligned in game ui FMC/BottomInfo
- Fix B737/B small gear part not reflecting light
- Fix airplane underground on resume with terrain mode changed
- Fix WP hud not updated on atc command
- Fix ai airplanes replay disappear
- Fix rare SD airports terrain compenetration
- Fix sat terrain flicker at high altitude in certain points on some devices
- Fix Monitor UI interaction glitch on multi tap
- Calibrated S340 speed indicator
- Fix Concorde ground check
- Fix floating pilots in external view
- Fix fog at high altitude

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.4 - 2021-05-20
- New 3d Pilots model
- New 3d Pilots custom face
- New Central and Internal Cameras
- Reorganized cameras list
- Increased Weather data granularity
- Real Weather is now updated every hour
- Sound Settings in flight pause
- Added EFT (Estimated Flight Time) and distance in flight planning map

Bug Fixes:
- Updated A330 fuel consumption
- Increased turbulence effect
- A350 Mobile Off
- Fixed Gate selection 100/101
- Replay minor fixes (clouds position, follow camera)

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.2 - 2021-05-04
- New aircraft A319ceo

Bug fixes:
- Changed Weather/Nav Zoom label to Range nm
- Fixed weather tile on radar
- Fixed weather particles glitch
- Fixed Side view zoom in replay
- Fixed Rank Popup on link/unlink
- Fixed Wing camera position
- Fixed rare appearances of purple tiles on sd terrain
- Ai/Multi other aircraft sound/lights aligned with engine state
- Fixed engine fire rendered behind clouds
- Fixed custom monitors buttons visibile when switching to exterior inspection
- Updated Passengers Seats Count for some aircrafts

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.1 - 2021-04-15
- New Weather Radar Monitor
- New Dynamic Turbulence System
- New Cockpit Monitors setup
- New Fuel Monitor
- Updated Engine Monitor
- New Zoom feature on Nav/Weather monitor
- New Flight Path on Nav monitor
- New hi-res cockpit monitors
- New UI Camera Settings
- Improved Cessna physics
- New Cessna icon on map

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug on pilot profile refresh
- Fixed A350 camera position
- Updated MD81 Fuel consumption
- Fixed Replay Rain Camera Tower/Cinema at high distance
- Fixed MD81 Reverse Thrust in replay

Real Flight Simulator v.1.3.0 - 2021-03-24
- New aircraft McDonnell Douglas MD-81

Bug fixes:
- Sometimes in multiplayer sessions emergency vehicles animations used to appear to restart for some players. This has now been fixed
- Automatic approach has been fixed for the following airports: LIML, MDPC, GOOY
- Some cameras oriented and more general fixes
- Fixed weather change in multiplayer after a long pause

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.8 - 2021-03-10
- New ATC feature for reports and violations
- New ATC leaderboards and stats
- New Exterior Inspection flashlight
- Added B777-200 FMC monitors

Bug fixes:
- Fixed logbook save
- Fixed A350 Cockpit texture
- Fixed Cessna front wheel steering compenetration
- Updated A350 flight time estimation
- Fixed flight plan not aligned in cockpit view
- Improved stability on old iOS devices
- Corrected flight plan information during replay on cockpit instruments

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.7 - 2021-02-15
- New aircraft A350-1000
- Major rework on A350-900
- New sounds for the A350-900, A330-300
- New reverse thrust on SAAB 340B and ATR 72-600
- Other nearby multiplayer vehicles fade away

Bug fixes:
- Multiplayer rooms now is sorted by playfab rooms order
- Improve replay cockpit shaking
- Fixed rewind bug that spawn aircraft under terrain
- Fixed passengers jump midair
- Fixed Luggage vehicle midair
- Fixed Aprons park line not aligned with terrain
- Fixed Passengers glitch during ground inspection
- Fixed map pins flickering (in game when pins are overlapped)
- Fixed fuel pump extended position
- Fixed logbook save

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.6 - 2021-02-03
- New airplane exterior inspection
- New working extinguisher on firefighting vehicle
- Improved satellite streaming system
- EGPWS WARNING, ALARMS, PILOT MONITORING VOICE and acoustic alerts reproduced in replay
- Minor rework on A320-200
- Minor rework on cockpit A220-300, B757-200WL, B757-200F, B787-8

Bug fixes:
- F/A-18E autopilot improvements
- F/A-18E throttle cockpit not animated
- F/A-18E wrong map icon for other players
- Fixed emergency vehicle sound heard miles away
- Fixed ATC messages after debriefing
- Fixed startup crash on some devices with iOS 11 e 12
- Fixed EDDF RW36 map position
- Fixed wing trail colour
- Fixed replay baggage glitch
- Fixed replay camera fov not aligned on some cameras
- Fixed YMML RW27 runway lights

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.5 - 2021-01-18
- New aircraft F/A-18E SUPER HORNET
- New Sonic Boom Audio F/A-18E, CONCORDE
- New sounds for the MD-11, MD11-F, Embraer 190, Bombardier CRJ900, BAE System 146-300

Bug Fixes:
- Removed orange target on map
- B787 cockpit fix (hole)
- Arm state aligned in resume
- HD airport map in game, runway/aircraft not aligned
- Logbook not updated when login after start offline
- SKBO apron fixes
- Calibrate discard activity editing
- Fuel burn changed to Range

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.4 - 2020-12-17
- New aircraft A220-300
- New sounds for the A380-800, A340-200
- New Cockpit Camera Replay
- New Side Cameras
- Added vehicles in multiplayer
- New Acoustic Alerts Sfx (takeoff warnings, autopilot quote, autopilot nav off)
- New Resume/Rewind System
- Added vehicles replay sounds

Bug fixes
-​ Fixed missing terrain tiles
- Fixed cloud layer not updated
- Fixed cargo vehicle load
- Fixed teleporting passengers
- Fixed no parking line in replay
- Fixed cargo cockpit settings button blurred
- Fixed glitch parking ui when exit from game
- Fixed room fp bonus on duplicated room
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.3 - 2020-11-26
- New extended replay system
- New cockpit camera settings
- New liveries search bar

Bug fixes
- Fixed disappearance of B737-800/B737-800BCF wheels

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.2 - 2020-11-03
- New aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
- Major rework on B737-800, B737-800BCF
- New sounds for the B787-8, B737-800, B737-800BCF

Bug fixes:
- Fixed ground speed. The aircraft was gaining speed incorrectly when steering on the ground
- Fixed the flaps and spoilers issue. Flaps and spoilers no longer slowed the aircraft down properly
- Fixed V1 speed issue. The aircraft was reaching the speed of V1 at take-off too fast

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.1 - 2020-10-20
- New PASSENGER camera with seat monitor view: now you can see multiple flight information on the LCD screen
- New NOSE camera
- Improved ground power management of aircraft and rudder. Easier to maintain the correct speed and to steer
- New FP (Flight Points) BONUS for multiplayer rooms
- New sounds for the B747-400 and B747-200B
- New aircraft fuel consumption
- Cabin lights now also affect WINDOW and PASSENGER cameras
- Departure from the GATE at 5% fuel
- Minor rework on A321Neo. Corrected height, landing gear, suspensions and fixed the flaps

Bug fixes:
- Fixed cloche. The stick did not move when the autopilot was engaged
- Fixed ATR72 rotated on itself with the brakes engaged
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.2.0 - 2020-10-08
- New aircraft AIRBUS A320neo
- Major rework on AIRBUS A320-200
- Auto-rotate screen. Choose your preferred orientation before entering your flight

Bug fixes:
- Fixed ATR 72-600, BOEING 787-8 DREAMLINER thrust power
- Fixed BOEING 757-200WL and 757-200F cockpit glitch
- Fixed ZGSZ, VHHH, KLAX, EDDF, LEMD airports glitch
- Fixed KATL, SBSP, RJTT airport APRONs
- Fixed replay engine trails
- Fixed waypoint heading on SD airports
- Fixed BOEING 777-300ER multiplayer shadow
- Fixed ATR 72-600 engine volume
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.9 - 2020-09-23
- New BIRD STRIKE failure
- New manual checklists for each aircraft
- Reduced cockpit view shaking at low speed
- Improved ambient lighting
- Added runway WP (Way Points) labels for takeoff

Bug fixes
- Fixed some APRONs positioning
- Fixed collision issues on VHHH and YSSY airports
- Fixed VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) sometimes not appearing
- New aircraft notification issue fixed

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.8 - 2020-09-08
- New aircraft logo lights
- New dimmable internal/external cockpit light
- New dimmable external cabin light
- New multiplayer/AI aircraft logo/cockpit/cabin lights
- New co-pilot cameras
- New cockpit view shaking and noise based on speed and terrain
- New rattle noise on takeoff
- New engine sounds to multiplayer/AI aircraft
- New label "FAILURES ON" info below "TAP TO CALIBRATE"
- New night lighting system

Bug fixes:
- Fixed LEMD buildings colliders
- Fixed FAOR taxiways
- Fixed VIDP apron
- Fixed new aircraft missing notification
- Fixed pax count not aligned after emergency and rewind
- Fixed glitch on multiplayer/AI aircraft with low settings
- Fixed click sound on multi-button
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.7 - 2020-08-25
- New aircraft B777F
- New B777-200 engine sound
- Bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.6 - 2020-08-11
- New ground emergency management system with evacuation slide, ambulance and firefighting vehicle
- New lights for ground vehicles
- New GATE/APRON pins/labels based on zoom level
- New cargo aircraft assignment to APRON

Bug fixes:
- Fixed TUPOLEV TU-154M flap
- Fixed BOEING 787-8 flap track fairings animation
- Fixed aircraft name: SAAB 340B, BAE SYSTEM 146-300, BOEING 757-200WL
- Fixed AIRBUS A340-200 nose for other player aircraft
- Fixed on/off engines on multiplayer propeller aircraft
- Fixed emission lights fade for other player aircraft
- Fixed passengers bus door animation on replay
- Fixed sparks/dust/splash particle missing on replay
- Fixed other player aircraft fade on replay
- Fixed aircraft front wheel glitch during reverse with max steering
- Fixed VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) random glitch
- Fixed EGLL taxiway
- Fixed LEMD taxiway
- Fixed ZSAM airport glitch
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.5 - 2020-07-23
- New aircraft B777-300ER
- Bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.4 - 2020-07-07
- New apron parking
- New apron bus
- New passengers boarding stairs
- New passengers airstairs on BAE SYSTEMS 146 and SAAB 340
- New passengers animation
- New parking HUD waypoint
- New ATC gate/apron assignment

Bug fixes:
- Fuel load button wrong status
- Fixed pushback tractor glitch
- Fixed server room scroll selection
- Fixed opening manual on pause menu
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.3 - 2020-06-23
- New aircraft B757-200F
- Visible passenger lights AI and Multiplayer

Bug fixes:
- Fixed tilted gear B757-200WL
- Fixed pushback tractor glitch
- Removed military runway 02R/20L from WSSS airport
- Fixed VA link directing to incorrect Virtual Airline

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.2 - 2020-06-10
- New aircraft B757-200WL

Bug fixes:
- A350 cockpit engine fire extinguishers
- A320 and A321 cockpit seats
- B787 fan blur
- Autopilot automatic disengagement
- Autopilot not reaching waypoint altitude
- Camera problems on landing gear on Concorde, B737, B777, B737B, AT72
- Too low terrain, too low flaps triggered at wrong altitude
- Aircraft disappearing under terrain after loading
- EGLL taxiway collider
- Taxi line overlap on wheels
- High altitude terrain problems
- Fog on multiplayer/AI airplanes
- ATC antiflood improvement
- Virtual joystick sensitivity
- Multiple menu UI overlay
- Unique VA names
- VA FP ranking display for all time statistics

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.1 - 2020-05-25
- New A330 engines
- New tyre skid sound
- Improved disconnection problem in multiplayer
- Fixed ranking badge and name (because of the missing Trainee rank, all ranks where one rank higher. FP will remain the same but all current ranks have been downgraded by one rank)
- Fixed error 1099. Please note that it is not possible to do flights at the same time from multiple devices
- Fixed crash after loading
- Fixed zoom atc ground/tower
- Fixed VA create/update name already used
- Fixed Calgary airport was missing a runway
- Fixed end of season countdown in all virtual airlines leaderboards
- Fixed in game ui buttons no longer interactable during loading screen

Real Flight Simulator v.1.1.0 - 2020-05-14
- New Pilot Ranks
Start you career and progress through ranks by completing successful flights

- New Virtual Airlines
Create your Virtual Airline and invite other pilots or join an existing one, compete with all other Airlines to get the best reward each month

- New Pushback truck
A new truck for your airport maneuvers

- Bug Fixes
Lot of fixes all around the sim

Real Flight Simulator v.1.0.9 - 2020-04-30
- New aircraft TUPOLEV TU-154M
- Major rework on A330
- Minor rework on cockpit A340
- Bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.0.7 - 2020-04-17
- New Tilted landing gear on all airplanes
Gear tilt is finally here on all tilted gear planes! Enjoy the buttering!

- Bug fixes
And as usual lot of bug fixes and improvements!

Real Flight Simulator v.1.0.6 - 2020-04-02
- New Papi lights
- New Runway lights
- New Taxi lights

Real Flight Simulator v.1.0.4 - 2020-03-11
- New aircraft B767-300F
- Bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.0.2 - 2020-02-27
- New Lighting system
- Fixed problem with ATC messages in the middle of the screen
- Fixed problem with multiplayer airplanes floating during taxi
- Fixed problem with multiplayer airplanes with wrong altitude

Real Flight Simulator v.1.0.0 - 2020-02-20

- New: Aircraft A321neo
Our brand new plane is here, enjoy!

- Major rework on A330, A340
Reworked aircraft A330, A340.

- Major rework on cockpit A320
Reworked A320 cockpit.

- New: Multiplayer airplane lights
Finally you will be able to see light configuration for all multiplayer airplanes.

- New: Events Servers
New servers dedicated to our community events, stay tuned!

- New: Autopilot Holding feature
Possibility to hold left or right, mostly used during approach if instructed by ATC.

- New: Metar for ATC
ATC’s will now be able to see local Metar information in order to best handle traffic.

- New: Rules for ATC sessions
ATC sessions have some limits to avoid inactive ATC’s keeping the position occupied.

- New ATC hours logbook
ATC hours are now logged to the logbook.

- Bug fixes
And as usual lot of bug fixes and improvements!

Real Flight Simulator v.0.9.8 - 2020-02-06

- Various ATC bug fixes
- Gate assignment fixed on Fly Now and Real Time Flights
- Gate assignment fixed on multi leg flights
- Other bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.0.9.7 - 2020-01-27

- New multiplayer human-controlled ATC (Beta)
Get ready for some realistic multiplayer sky management! Take full control of ATC on HD airports or fly as a pilot and interact with human ATC’s.

- New gate choice on HD airports
Choose your preferred gate on all HD airports in both Multiplayer and Advanced Flight Planner.

- Bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.0.9.6 - 2020-01-13

- New aircraft MD-11F

Real Flight Simulator v.0.9.4 - 2019-12-16

- New aircraft MD-11

Real Flight Simulator v.0.9.1 - 2019-11-27

- New Internal crew/pilot comms
Manage all communications of pilot and crew with their passengers during all phases of your flight.

- New Pilot monitoring call-outs
Monitoring pilot will now make call-outs according to flight procedure

- New multi-leg routes planning
Plan up to 5 connected destinations for a more interesting flight plan.
Important: after landing you must display your Flight Report (on HD airports complete taxi and switch off engines, on SD/LD airports switch off engines) to receive the updated flight plan for your next leg.

- New multistep brake
Set the power of your ground brake at any time

- New Satellite rendering
Improved and longer distance rendering for a more realistic experience

- New liveries sorting
Choose the sorting of your liveries

- Bug fixes
And as usual a lot of bug fixes!

Real Flight Simulator v.0.9.0 - 2019-11-11
- New aircraft ATR 72–600

Real Flight Simulator v.0.8.9 - 2019-10-29

- New Ground Load management
Ground management is finally here! You can refuel/change load at any airport and will be able to see ground vehicles on HD airports when correctly parked. Have fun!

- New RFS Multiplayer Engine
It was hard work but we finally managed to provide a super smooth multiplayer flying experience. Enjoy formation flying or just look at incoming traffic at your favorite airport!

- New ACU
Ground Air conditioning Unit: finally some rest for your poor passengers waiting on the heated tarmac.

- New NAV options
When NAV is active on autopilot you can now set VS and manually adjust all other params.

- New ICE management
The ICE function is now working, use it to reduce Ice to avoid wings overload.

- New change language option
You are now able to change game language from the options menu.

- Bug fixes
…and many fixes and improvements as usual.

Real Flight Simulator v.0.8.8 - 2019-10-14

- New aircraft 737-800 BCF

Real Flight Simulator v.0.8.7 - 2019-10-03

- New aircraft 747-400

Real Flight Simulator v.0.8.5 - 2019-09-16

- New aircraft Concorde
Are you ready for a mach 2 experience?
See here for some useful info about this amazing aircraft:

- New Seat Belts button
Safely fly your passengers with this useful function, found on the Aircraft Systems/Systems panel

- New No Smoking button
Care for your passenger's health with this useful function, found on the Aircraft Systems/Systems panel

- New chat abuse reporting
We heard your complaints and are now providing a way to report in chat abuses.
Keep your finger on the chat panel (either the menu chat or the in-flight chat) for half second and you will be able to highlight and scroll to the desired user/phrase. Release your finger to open the reporting function. Users will be banned after a certain number of reports related to the same user.

- New chat direct user addressing
Tap on a user name to be able to address him in your next message. Your conversations will be highlighted till you keep him selected. Tap anywhere else on the chat panel to deselect it.

- New multiplayer aircraft info
Ready for a first taste of ATC action?
By tapping on a multiplayer aircraft in the in-flight map you can identify the user info and communicate with him through the chat using the new direct user addressing

- New alarms sound volume
It is now possible to set the volume for all aircraft alarms (set to OFF if you don’t want to hear annoying alarms…)

- Bug fixes
As usual a lot of fixes for a better flight experience…

Real Flight Simulator v.0.8.2 - 2019-08-06

- New flaps and slats management
All airplanes have now custom flaps and slats management through the FLAPS button

- Major rework on A320
Fixed nose and wings

- Minor rework on B737, E190, B747, A350
Minor fixes on fuselages

- Minor rework on cockpit C172, S340
Minor fixes on panels

- Fix taxi/gate landing problem
Sometimes the taxi/gate procedure was not working, now fixed

- Various improvements
Reduced device heating problem

- Bug fixes
Various fixes as usual…

Real Flight Simulator v.0.8.0 - 2019-07-23

- Worldwide release!
- Various improvements
- Bug fixes

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